41.5 EVO : 650b optimized - 26" compatibel

Funtail 41.5 to 41.5EVO: from our good old Funtail 41.5 with its "Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde" mix of an ultrarobust chassis and sensitive handling, the 41.5EVO took over the Mr. Hyde genetics and emphasized these characteristics. The result is a grownup enduro- /parkbike for hardcore use.

As a versatile Woodsbike the Funtail 41.5 featured a trifle too much agility for many riders, and was often set up with a 160mm fork - instead of the intended 140mm max. travel - to relax steering. 41.5EVO takes these experiences into account with a slacker steeringangle, adapted bottom bracket and a steeper seattube angle.

Amidst these delelopments the 41.5EVO remains a characteristic 2Soulscycles steelhardtail: 2Souls/Reynolds DZB 853 tubing for high durability, many functional details and playful handling are essentials.

Mr. Hyde alias 41.5EVO - wether you`re a connaisseur of alpin freeriding or a bikepark afficionado - 41.5EVO is a nearly indestructable compagnion for really rough trails. And for all of you who took a liking of the Funtail 41.5 as a superagile Woodsbike:  Dr. Jeckyll is under construction : )

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