Innovations in Steel

2Souls Cycles currently builds progressive MTB steelframes that are known for their playful and easy handling even on difficult trails, for their high durability and the little time needed for their  maintainance.

We`re not reinventing the bicycle, but design our products to bring back those happy smiles that are the result of riding fun rather that of "component fetishism" or "gramme haggling"!We believe the frame to be the soul of any bicycle and much more decisive of the bike`s character  than the attached components.  The bike for the perfect ride needs to be comfortable and familiar like "an old jeans": with its own characteristic profile but always fitting like a glove. Every rider is different and changes again with his or her kilometres, experiences, with life... we engineer our frames in a way to enable them to go along with these changes, to be sufficiently convertible for being a longtravel bikepark companion set up with heavy, strong parts as well as a mile-crunching touring bicycle that still feels at home on rougher trails in spite of a rather light set up...

With the courage to break new grounds we enjoy thinking outside the bicycle box and develop our own independant solutions. We`re not building things different just to be different: every detail of our frames is technically functional and thought through with great care and consequence. Construction processes are based on our own extensive riding experiences and guided by the following provisions:

  •  To have as much compatability with different parts as possible using as few building parts as necessary. 
  •  As much structural stability as possible with as little weight as necessary. 

Influenced by custom framebuilding, we always attend to the optimization of our products first before thinking about the consequences for development and production. For example, every frame size not only gets its own geometry, it also gets size specific tubediametre, -butting and -wallthickness.

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