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Evo2 Slider Dropouts : Set

2Soulscycles EVO2 Slider Dropouts are available separately as framebuilding parts.

The goemetry of the sliders is based on Rohloff standard. They feature 14mm horizontal adjustment and integrated chain tensioner for finetuning wheelbase and tensioning chain during singlespeed or gearhub use. The width of the raw steelparts is 25mm, which means that even untapered stays with large diametre can be used without any problem. In this original state, the complete set weighs 450g.

However, EVO2 slider dropouts not only help making the finished bike an allrounder, they are also flexible as building parts: with simple reduction of their width for example, to fit them into a lighter or more filigrane frame, they are easily brought down to the weight of comparable parts. They offer plenty of space for mudguard-, carrier- and all kind of custom solutions and apart from that, positioned intelligently within the frame structure, they influence the flow of the brakingforces favourably right into the seatstays.

The complete set of 2Souls EVO2 Slider Dropouts includes:

  • Steel parts to fit into a frame
  • 2 Aluplates for Singlespeed/Alifine, Rohloff OR derailleur setup
  • All necessary screws and washers in stainless steel


69,90 €


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