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QH Ti : Details


    • 2Souls x-12 Ti dropouts


    • The curved stays and driveside yoke in combination with the QH`s  split seattube  permit the use of 2.35"+ tires with sufficient mudclearance at a reasonable short chainstay length.


    • Optional clamp on direct mount for front derailleur.


    • The bottom open seattube is not only a visual feature but fully functional as it allows complete seatpost insertion.


    • 34.9mm clamp size for 31.6mm seatpost.


    • 44mm Standard Headtube for use with either 1 1/8 or tapered forks. Use of an "Angleset" allows adjustments of stearing angle. Brass 2Souls logo headbatch with stainless steel screws


    • The number of cables required differs according to the set up of the frame. Therefore the QH uses a modular cableguide system where 1-4x cableguides can be used.


    • Frame material 3/2.5 bTi, 2Soulscycles X-12 dropouts 6/4 Ti.
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